Lost and found at the Chuquiago Cafe. Last update Saturday, 05.09.2009 9:25 AM

05.09.09 Lost, stolen or left in the taxi. A breakfast customer from Madness leaves his bag in the entrance and after half an hour wants to go and does not find his daypack. Black and blue, with silver stripes.

04.09.09 Forgotten outside and stolen: Our board with the offers of the cafe. Gotta make a new one.

26.09.09 Lost, missing, a little rubber frisbee, in diameter no larger than 6 cm.

24.09.09 Found a tiny notepad. With notes, an email and some todo lists.

24.09.09 Found a hat, left by the window. Brown.

17.09.09 Found a Flash Disk without label. 2 GB, containg the folders 8_Rurre, Nora Chimbote, rafa und die installer von IrfanView und WinUndelete. Im Ordner rafa befinden sich lauter Kontenbewegungen und der Name Rafael Simon Bamert aus Buelach tauch mehrmals auf.

25.07.09 aprox. Found a plastic bag containing two pair of socks and a knickers.

19.07.09 aprox. Found, an USB flash disk. Labeled UDISK 2.0 :) containing a folder namend perou2 with photos obviosly from Peru, Nazca dated from 22.06.2009 till 29.06.2009 and a pdf-file called Memo-Voyage extended to the name Antonio Mele going from Buenos Aires to Madrid the 7 of September. So they probably are still in Southamerica.

19.07.09 aprox. Lost (stolen) a hard disk drive 100 GB containing photos, musik and images of the installed software at the cafe.